Register your Company in Dubai

Company Registration in Dubai is the best option for those wishing to launch a business in the United Arab Emirates. Start a Dubai company today and Obtain the Certificate, Bylaws, Immigration Card, Labor Card, VAT Registration, VISAs, PRO, Local Sponsor, National Service Agent, Tenancy Contract, Registered Agent, Bank Account Support, and Share Certificates

Register your Company in Dubai

Company Registration in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers limitless investment opportunities to local and international investors. It attracts trade due to several free zones throughout the Emirate that provide lucrative investment incentives. Significant among these is the absence of corporate or individual income taxes, foreign exchange controls, restrictions on the repatriation of profits and capital.

There are various options available to international businesses seeking to establish a presence in the UAE. In addition to establishing trade relationships through commercial agencies, having a local company offers numerous benefits to businesses. This makes it easier to study market prospects, make connections, communicate with customers, and review transaction details.

United Arab Emirates is a constitutional federation consisting of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah. one of the best places to start a business is Dubai.

categories of Companies You can Open in Dubai:

(1) Mainland Company

(2) Free Zone Company

(3) Offshore Company.

Again, these are divided into various categories. One should choose a business structure based on the nature of the enterprise.

Mainland Company:

 Mainland Company is a company registered by the Department of Economic Development (DED), Government of Dubai. It is a local company that can conduct borderless business in the United Arab Emirates. Under MainLand, three types of licenses are issued:

Legal Structure of Mainland Company:

The Department of Economic Development issues these licenses, except those for hotels and other tourism-related businesses, which are issued by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. However, certain types of business licenses require prior approval from the following ministries and agencies:

Generally, all commercial and industrial enterprises in the United Arab Emirates must register with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The UAE Commercial Companies Law mandates that at least 51 per cent of a company’s capital must be owned by a UAE national partner or partners. Certain companies are exempt from the 51 per cent requirement, such as oil companies with concession agreements, companies that produce electricity and gas, companies involved in the oil and gas industry, and companies engaged in water treatment and transmission. Foreign banks are exempt from the sponsorship requirement. Professional licenses for professions, services, craftsmen, and artisans are exempt from the 51 per cent requirement; however, they must appoint a Local Service Agent for a fixed annual fee.

Free Zone Company:

The Free Zone or Free Trade Zone allows unrestricted commerce and the development of an industry ecosystem within its jurisdiction. Typically, free zones are associated with ports (such as JAFZA) or are industry-specific. Every Free Zone is designed around more than one commercial categories and only issues licenses to businesses within those categories. The following are some of the UAE’s free zones.¬†¬†

Authorizations issued by Free Zone Authorities:

Advantages of Free Zone Company:

Listed below are the benefits of Free Zone Company:

Legal Structure of Free Zone Company:

The Free Zone Company may be registered in that specific free trade zone. Its operations are restricted to that jurisdiction only, except for national industrial license companies.

Offshore Company:

An Offshore Company is legal business entity established to operate outside its registered jurisdiction and the location of its ultimate ownership. Offshore companies can be utilized in most financial planning scenarios to mitigate tax exposure, freely pass assets to beneficiaries upon death, and are occasionally called Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV). Currently, two Free Zones offer Offshore company licenses. Ie. JAFZA and RAKFTZ.

The advantages of Offshore companies in the UAE are as follows.

Comparison between Mainland, Free Zone & Offshore Companies:

ParticularsMainland CompanyFree Zone CompanyOffshore Company
Registering AuthorityDepartment of Economic Development (DED)Registrar of Companies, Free Trade ZoneRegistrar of Companies, Free Trade Zone
OwnershipExpat 49% & Local Sponser 50%
For Professional Company Expat 100%
Expat 100%
Incae National Industrial License Expat 49%
Expat 100%
VISAAllowed for 2 yearsAllowed for 3 yearsNot allowed
Cost of FormationHighMediumLow
Area of OpetationNo restrictionsWith in the Free ZoneNot allowed in UAE or Home Country
RepatriationNo restrictionsNo restrictionsNo restrictions
Office SpaceRequired Min 200 sftNot required. They can have virtual spaceNot required
AuditRequiredNot required except for Free Zone Companies and Free Zone EstablishmentsAllowed to be registered
Company Secretary ServicesNot requiredRequiredNot required
Registered AgenetNot RequiredNot RequiredRequired
Local SponsorRequired for all except professional license where Local Service Agent is requiredNot Required except where National Industrial LicenseNot Required

Documents Required for Dubai Company Registration

For the Mainland Company
  1. Application Form
  2. certified copies of each shareholder and manager's passports are required.
  3. if applicable, a photocopy of the UAE residence visa
  4. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the current sponsor of a UAE residence visa
  5. Shareholder address evidence duly attested in duplicate
  6. Shareholders CV
  7. Bank Letter of recommendation for each shareholder
  8. If the shareholder is a corporation, the shareholder agreement, certificate of registration, board resolution, and power of attorney are required.
  9. All the documents must be notarized in the country of origin and at the UAE consulate.
  10. All documents must be translated into Arabic.
  11. Tenancy Contract Authenticated by RERA
  12. Letter from the Ministry of Labor requesting Proof of No Employees
  13. Court Permission for Minors Under 21 to Practice License Activity in the case of a Minor.
  14. Service Agent Agreement Certified by Notary Public
  15. Present the Department of Naturalization and Foreign Affairs' Unified Number.
  16. External Approvals, if any required.
For Free Zone Company
  1. Application Form
  2. Certified Copy of Passport and UAE Visa/UAE entry stamp (if non-resident)
  3. Shareholder address evidence duly attested in duplicate
  4. Bank reference letter
  5. Shareholders CV
  6. These documents differ from one Free Zone to the next.
For Offshore Company
  1. Certified Passport Copy and UAE Visa/UAE entry stamp on the Offshore Company
  2. Application Form (if non-resident)
  3. Shareholder address evidence duly attested in duplicate
  4. Bank reference letter
  5. CV of shareholders

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Let's Deal With Your Confusions

A mainland company is a company that is registered with the Department of Economic Development with the Dubai Government.

No, you can do business anywhere.

Yes, except that a Local Sponsor is not required for Professional Licenses; in this case, a Local Service agent is needed.


60 to 80 days.

The certificate will be issued within 15 minutes in the Fast Track mode.


A free zone company is a company that is registered within the Free Trade Zone.

Free Zone Company is prohibited from conducting Manufacturing & Trading activities outside the Free Zone. Each Free Zone has unique regulations.

Not really, unless in the case of a national industrial license.

10 to 15 days.

Yes, for Free Zone Establishment or Free Zone Company. Not the case for a Branch office, and it varies from Free Zone to Free Zone.

An Offshore Company is a legal business entity established to conduct business outside its registered jurisdiction and the location of its ultimate ownership. Offshore companies can be utilized in most financial planning scenarios to mitigate tax exposure and freely pass assets to beneficiaries upon death.

Yes, the company cannot do business in the UAE.

Not necessary.

You do not need a minimum capital for an offshore company.

3 to 5 days approximately.

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