Co-Operative Society Registration

Cooperative society: the optimal choice for those wishing to establish a Cooperative Society. Along with your Certificate, we will provide you with the certificate, Bylaws, PAN, TAN, GST, MSME, IEC, Bank Account Support, and GST Software.

Co-operative Society Registration

How to define a Co-operative Society?

A cooperative society is a self-governing group of individuals united voluntarily to meet their everyday social, economic, and cultural needs and aspirations through jointly-owned and democratically-run enterprise. It is a voluntary association of individuals whose purpose is the well-being of its members; it protects the interests of the weaker section. Membership is entirely voluntary. A person is welcome to join a cooperative society and is also free to leave at any time. Everyone is eligible to join, regardless of gender, caste, or religion.

Despite being a separate legal entity, registration is required. The amount of the members’ contributions is the maximum amount of their liabilities. The cooperative society operates based on mutual aid and well-being. Therefore, the principle of service governs its operation. If there is a surplus, it is distributed as a dividend to the members by the society’s bylaws. The primary objective of Cooperative Society is to serve its members. For instance, in a Consumer Co-operative Store, goods are sold to members at a reasonable price while retaining a small profit margin. Additionally, it offers higher-quality goods to its members and the general public.

Various Forms of Co-operative Societies:

Who may establish a Co-operative Society?

A cooperative society may be registered by any group of ten or more individuals. The Cooperative Societies Act governs cooperative associations, and each district will have a Cooperative Society Registry.

Why Must I Register My Co-operative Society?

Listed below are the primary motives for registering a Cooperative Society.

Limited Obligation

The members are not liable for the debts/loans of the cooperative society. Ex-when a cooperative society defaults on the repayment of a debt or loan, members’ assets, are protected.

Separate Legal Entity

Members may join or leave the cooperative society, but the organization will continue to exist. It is the distinct legal entity that can sue and be sued in court and can own assets independently.

Voluntary Association

This cooperative society is open to anyone who wishes to join, as it is a voluntary association. The member is permitted to leave the Cooperative Society if he so chooses.

Mutual Help

The cooperative society is based on the principle of mutual aid and welfare. Therefore, the focus of service governs its operation. If there is a surplus, it is distributed as a dividend to the members by the society’s bylaws.

Documents Required

Member's Documents Are Required
    1. Directors PAN
    2. Directors ID Proofs
      Aadhaar Card or Voter ID or Passport or Driver's License
    3. Directors Address Proofs:
      Latest one month Savings Bank statement or
      Latest Telephone Bill on his own name or
      Latest Moblie Bill on his name or
      Latest Power Bill on his own name.
    4. Directors latest passport size photograph
    5. Directors Email ids
    6. Passport is mandatory
Mobile Numbers associated with Aadhar Affidavits Indemnity Bonds Co-operative Society Office Documents.
  1. Address of the Registered Office Proof
  2. Recent Electric Bill Letter of No Objection from the Landlord

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What Follows Registration of the Co-operative Society?

Congratulations on the registration of your new business! Most entrepreneurs do not know what to do once the Co-operative Society has been registered. A Co-operative Society’s other mandatory registrations and statutory compliance requirements are listed below.

Annual Compliances

General Annual Meeting (AGM)

Every Society is required to hold an Annual General Meeting of its members on or before September 30, within six months of the end of its fiscal year.

Submission of AGM Minutes to the Registrar within 30 days of the AGM

Each Society is required to submit its AGM Minutes to the Register within 30 days of its Annual General Meeting.

Form 1040 Return

Every Society is required to file its annual Income Tax Return on Form ITR-5 by July 31. In the event of Tax Audit, the date will be September 30 of every year.

TDS Return

Every Company required to file TDS returns must do so within 31 days at the end of each quarter to avoid incurring penalties.

GST Returns

within 20 days of the quarter's end

Any company required to file GST returns using QRMS must do so by the deadline or face fines.

PT Return

Every Cooperative Society must file its Monthly PT Return on or before the 15th day of the following month or face penalties.

Different Registrations

Fertilizer License

If the Co-operative Society manufactures fertilizers, it must submit an application to the Controller of Fertilizers, Ministry of Chemicals, for a Fertilizer License.

AGMARK Authorization

The Co-operative Society must request AGMARK Certification from the Office of the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection to obtain Quality Standard Certification for an agricultural product or produce (DMI). They can submit their application at

SPICE BOARD Accreditation

A Cooperative Society must obtain SPICE BOARD Certification to export spices.

FSSAI Registration

If your company sells food or products, you must apply for a food license from India's Food Safety and Standards Authority.

Registration for GST

If you are a taxable dealer in the sale of Goods or the provision of Services, you must register for GST.

Import Export Code (IEC)

Import Export Code (IEC) must be obtained if your Society intends to import or export goods or services.

IPR Registration

Suppose you wish to protect your business name, brand, literary work, or invention. In that case, you must file an application for Trade Mark, Copyright, and Patent with the Indian department of Intellectual Properties.

Business Tax Registration

Cooperative Societies registered in India are required to pay professional tax, and it is not mandatory in every state; only 17 states require it.

Retailer & Business Registration

Shops and establishments are required to register with the relevant state labor department.

Registration of Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

To receive the benefits of The Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises Act, registration is required.

Local Trade License

The new Cooperative Society must submit an application to the local municipality or municipal corporation for a local business license.

PF Registration

If the PF Act covers your Cooperative Society, you must register for PF. PF Registration is not required for establishments registered under the Cooperative Societies Act, 1912 (2 of 1912), or under any other law currently in force in any State relating to cooperative societies which employ fewer than fifty individuals and work manually.

ESI Registration

If the ESI Act covers your Cooperative Society, you must register for ESI.

Let's Deal With Your Confusions

A co-operative society is a self-governing group of individuals united voluntarily to meet their everyday economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through jointly-owned and democratically-run enterprise.

The organization's primary objective is not profit, and its goals include promoting the arts, commerce, science, research, education, sports, charity, social welfare, religion, and environmental protection. By drafting a memorandum of association, seven or more people associated with any literary, scientific, or charitable purpose may form a society.

Producer companies can assist small manufacturers in entering emerging high-value markets, such as India's export and retail markets. The Producer Company is registered under the Companies Act of 2013. The Producer Company's goals are to produce, harvest, purchase, grade, pool, handle, market, sell, and export the Members' primary produce or import goods or services for their benefit, with the caveat that it may carry out the aforementioned operations through any other institution.

The share capital is an amount contributed by the cooperative society's members.

Every member is required to pay this sum upon joining the cooperative group.

Approximately 30 working days.

As a registration fee, one percent of the total authorized share capital is subject to a minimum of one thousand rupees and a maximum of ten thousand rupees (Rupees ten thousand only).

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