Import Export Code

Import Export Code (IEC)

What is the Import Export Code:

Except for Ministries/Departments of Central or State Government and individuals importing or exporting goods for personal use unrelated to trade, manufacture, or agriculture, any business organisation that imports or exports goods or services is required to have an import export code (IEC). The Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), a division of the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, is responsible for issuing the ten-digit IEC number. There is a jurisdictional office for each state.

Who must submit an IEC application:

Any business that wishes to import or export products or services for commercial purposes must submit an application.

Who are not obliged to register for an IEC:

Ministries / Departments of the Central or State Government and individuals importing or exporting commodities for personal use unrelated to trade, manufacture, or agriculture.

What is the validity of IEC:

The validity of the IEC is permanent; no renewal is necessary.

What is ICEGATE:

Indian Customs Electronic Gateway (ICEGATE) is the national gateway of Indian Customs of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) that offers electronic filing services to the Trade, Cargo Carriers, and other Trading Partners. Customs and DGFT have developed connections via ICEGATE in order to facilitate commerce and eliminate the need for importers and exporters to register separately at multiple customs houses under the Indian Customs EDI system. As soon as you apply for an IEC code, the DGFT will issue it and send the information to Customs ICEGATE. The location where you can check the IEC Custom BIN Status. The importer or exporter must verify the correctness of the IEC at both DGFT and Customs; if the data is identical, it is acceptable; otherwise, the importer or exporter must contact DGFT to have the data updated. If the DGFT and Customs data are the same, then there are no issues with importing or exporting products or services.

Registration cum membership Certificate (RCMC) means:

Exporters are needed to obtain RCMC from the respective Export Promotion Councils/FIEO/Commodity Boards/Authorities in order to gain import/export authorization or any other benefit or concession under the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020, as well as to receive services or guidance. To register and join the Export Promotion Council or the Federation of Indian Export Organization, ANF 2C must be used to submit a request to the RCMC (FIEO). Exporters must declare his principal line of business and receive RCMC from the Council involved with the principal line of business’s product. Exporters of multiple products and goods not covered by any EPC can receive RCMC from FIEO. The RCMC is valid from 1 April to 31 March for a period of five years.

Why Should I acquire an Import Export Code? (IEC)

Here are the primary motives for acquiring an Import Export Code: (IEC).

Low Formation Cost:

The issuing of Import Export Code (IEC) is now less expensive and simpler. You can apply online, and the application will be generated online by the system. The price of acquiring an Import Export Code (IEC) is lower. You can receive IEC for Rs.500/-. IEC certification is permanent and does not require renewal. We are not obligated to submit a return or report to the Director General of Foreign Trade, Governmentmen of India.

International Market Presence:

Obtaining an Import Export Code (IEC) assists in registering your business on international markets.

Export Benefits:

If you have an Import Export Code (IEC), the Customs Department will provide you rebates on import duty, tax refunds, and incentives.

Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) enables you to obtain import or export authorization as well as any other benefit or concession under Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20.

Inward and Outward Remittance:

 When a business organization receives inward remittance from exporters and remittances for exports, bankers require you to submit an Import Export Code (IEC); hence, an IEC is required for remitting funds in import and export operations.

Legal Entity Recognition:

Possessing an Import Export Code (IEC) identifies a business engaged in import or export as a legal entity. This Import Export Code (IEC) allows a business owner to open a Current Banking Account and conduct import and export commerce.

How to Obtain an Export Import Code (IEC)

Under the Companies Act of 2013, ten or more individuals, each of whom is a producer, two or more Producer Institutions, or ten or more individuals and Producer Institutions can form a Producer Company. The required documents and step-by-step company registration process are listed below.

Documents Required

For a Sole Proprietorship Business
  1. a PAN, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Passport, or Driver's License is required.
  2. Latest passport size photograph
  3. Proprietor Mobile Number
  4. Canceled Cheque or Letter from the Bank
  5. Proprietor Email id
  6. Registered Office Location The most recent power bill, a non-objection letter, and an affidavit from the landlord, if the property is owned, are acceptable evidence.
  7. If the property is rented, the landlord will provide a rental agreement.
For Other Businesses
  1. Partners or Directors PAN, Aadhaar, Voter ID, Passport, or Driver's License.
  2. Directors or Partners' most recent passport photos
  3. Canceled Business Cheque or Bankers Letter
  4. Director/Participant Cell Phone Number
  5. Email address of the Executive Director/Partners
  6. Partnership Certificate of Registration of Business Partnership Deed or Memorandum of Association,
  7. Articles of Association, or
  8. LLP Agreement firm/LLP/Company PAN
  9. Board Decision
  10. Registered Office Location The most recent power bill, a non-objection letter, and an affidavit from the landlord, if the property is owned, are acceptable evidence.
  11. If the property is rented, the landlord will provide a rental agreement.

Three-Step Registration Procedure

Digital Signature Certificates

Via eMudhra - a Job of One Hour

We shall apply for Class-III DSCs online using the eMudhra Portal.

Online Applications to DGFT

Via the DGFT Portal - One-Hour Job

We will prepare the application forms, submit an online application to the office of the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), and pay the required price.

Certificate of Registration

 Via Email - 1 Day Following Aadhar authentication or Digital Signature, the system will generate the Import Export Code (IEC) online and email it to the Authorized person relevant.

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What follows the generation of an Import Export Code (IEC)?

Congratulations!! on acquiring an Import Export Code! (IEC). The majority of entrepreneurs do not know what to do once the IEC has been generated. Listed below are the additional required registrations.

Different Registrations

Registration cum Membership Certificate

There are approximately 26 Export Promotion Councils where you can apply for a Registration and Membership Certificate (RCMC) and import or export goods or services.

Registering with Online Marketplaces

To explore foreign markets, you need to register with,,,, and many other online marketplaces in order to connect with global clients for your items.

FSSAI Registration

If your company exports or imports food, you must apply for a food license with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

GST Registration

If you are a taxable dealer in the sale of Goods or the provision of Services, you are required to register for GST.

Document of Origin

For customs clearance, Certificate of Origin is necessary. APEDA will offer a Certificate of Origin to exporters of Agricultural and Processed Food Products. EEPCINDIA will issue Certificates of Origin for the export of Engineering items.

Let's Deal With Your Confusions

IEC, or Importer Exporter Identifier, is a unique 10-digit alphanumeric code assigned to a corporate entity based on its Permanent Account Number (PAN).

Compliance with the IEC Code is essential in order to import or export any products or services. Unless specifically exempted, no individual or business may import or export without a current IEC Code Number.

Compliance with the IEC Code is essential in order to import or export any products or services. No person or company may import or export without a valid IEC Code Number, unless expressly exempted. It is perpetually valid; no renewal is necessary.

IEC is available to both individuals and businesses.

You can obtain an IEC through the Director General of Foreign Trade's office (DGFT).

Within 10 minutes, you will receive your IEC.

You can apply exclusively online at

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